Experience is seeing what naturally no one else can and that makes you a master of your craft. Our lash experts will lift your contour by styling your sexy lashes to make your eyes stand out naturally. Scheal promises to deliver to each individual client the best Eye Lash extension experience. A consultation between the client our lash stylist will assess the distinctive eye shape, the quality of the natural lashes and what you feel most comfortable with. Our stylists are highly trained and meticulous with ensuring exact symmetry with every applied lash, crisscross lash application is not tolerated. The adhesive used is medical grade and FDA approved.

  • MAKE’M STARE~$210 (250 lashes)

  • move the room~$245 (300 lashes)

  • sexy vicky~$330 (350 lashes)

  • lash lift $75

  • lash tint $55

  • touch up $150

  • removal $50

  • bottoms $60