Brow Styling


Eyebrows hold more power and visual impact on your facial appearance than any other singular feature. Our specialist understands that perfect balance is the key to flawlessly shaped eyebrows. Brows restructured lend the correct definition and strength to your face. Starting with an in-depth personal consultation regarding your unique facial features and eyebrow’s natural hair growth pattern you will have a customized brow design perfectly suited to frame your eyes. Through a detailed and precise sculpting process of trimming and tweezing, your eyebrows will be crafted to ultimate perfection all without the irritation of hot wax or the pain of threading. Reserve your experience today. $75

Brow Tinting

Eyebrow design lies not only in the correct shape, but also having the ideal color. Adjust your eyebrow tone to perfection with a customized brow tint to match ur hair coloring. An absolute must for light blonde brows, those with freshly dyed hair, greying brows, and clients with severely dark natural eyebrow coloring. $50